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Time Before Time

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This is a story we tell, so that we know what must be true.

The Timewalkers brought us to the dream long ago, and far into the future. They do it right now, child.

We Dreamtime People live in the dream, but not always fully. The Timewalkers live there always, coming to our worlds to tell us of things in theirs. We hear their words now and forever, echoing throughout the dream. Some of those words tell of a Time Beyond Time, when everyone will be a Timewalker. That sounds pretty good, eh? We of all people should not be surprised.

In that Time Beyond Time we can see the shapes of the civilizations that were and that are to come, and the echoes come back to us now and form the story we tell. They speak of the convergence of lines.

Across the shapes of the civilizations are dark and light lines, we hear from ourselves. These are the lives of people who change the lives of many. These are the geniuses, the psychotics, the teachers and the takers.

In our dream there are fewer lines than we would sometimes like. We hear that there were more once, that there will be more again soon. But the dream calculates for us, tells us that there should be more only if there are more people.

So we know what must be true, eh?

What must be true will be true. What must not, will not, and was not. What was and was not change sometimes, as much as it might scare you.

This is the story we tell. To our children and our parents, our ancestors and our descendants across the centuries, we spread the word through the dream: there are more. We are more. If you cannot see them, it is because you do not live in the dream.

Other people think, when they can understand what we say at all, that we are confused. Some think we speak about things that do not exist. Some think that we speak of the Others, the Skotadi and the Aia. They find it hard to believe us when we speak of things that can or will exist. They believe primarily in "can not" and "will not." They are stuck in the now, muddled in time and hardly dreaming at all.

There are few lines because of this. Crises create lines, lines create crises. The Gaians, Wraiths, and Assembly seek to manage crises and push them away. We watch and learn, but act little. The Daoine and Nanori are so full of day-to-day crisis that there is little true overall change.

But hints come.

Hints out of the dreamtime. Out of the Time Beyond Time.

We of all the people in our universe will not be surprised. This is a story we tell our people, about the shapes of the civilizations, so they will be ready. Now, in the past, and in the future. We do not live in the dream enough to see it all, but some day we will, and the lines will begin to converge.

What must be true will be true.
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On November 25th, 2008 03:44 am (UTC), pilgrim3 commented:
That was poetic, beautiful and I almost understand it. I'm sure their relationship with time (and maybe causality) is markedly different from mine though.
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